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Erving Board of Health


The Erving Board of Health meets at Town Hall on an as-needed basis.  To get an agenda item on a meeting agenda, please call Betsy Sicard, Board of Health Clerk, at 413-422-2800, x. 101. 


Well Permits:   Erving has well regulations that call for an application process. To get an application, please call 413-549-3710 or go to Town Hall and ask for a well permit.  Please note:  the application requires that a plot plan be sketched out and attached to the form.  Fee for the well permit is $25.00, check payable to Town of Erving.  Please send the application and check to : 

                       EFCHD, Deborah Palmer, PO Box 240, Hadley, MA. 01035


Percolation Tests:  Perc testing is allowed all year. Please call the District office at 413-549-3710 to schedule a test.  Your engineer should call to schedule, and arrange for a back-hoe to be present for the testing.  Fees are:  $75.00 for new construction and $25.00 for repair to existing systems.


Septic Plan review:  Erving uses the Title V code as specified by the State of Massachusetts.  Please see the website at: http://mass.gov/dep/water/wastewat.htm   Please send 4 sets of completed plans including application page copies, and fee ($75.00 for repair of existing systems and $125.00 for new construction) to:  EFCHD, Deborah Palmer, PO Box 240, Hadley, MA. 01035.  Your plan will be reviewed promptly and a permit issued, which is good for two years after issuance. Two copies will be mailed back out to the applicant for their own records, and to put out for construction bidding.  If you are also putting a well in, please include your well permit application at the same time you submit your septic plan.


Food Establishments:  The Town issues all permits annually. Inspections are made by the District.  Please call clerk Betsy Sicard to pay annual permitting fee.  NOTE:  Please call Deborah Palmer or David Zarozinski at the District office prior to doing any construction on new food establishments – your plans must be reviewed and approved prior to opening!


Pools: Erving uses the State Sanitary Code regulations and has a permit application for semi-public pools.  For latest regulations, please see the website:http://www.mass.gov/Eeohhs2/docs/dph/regs/105cmr435.pdf

If you wish to have a pool licensed, please call Betsy Sicard at 413-422-2800, x. 101


Housing Complaints:  The District investigates all tenant complaints regarding substandard housing. Please call the office at 413-549-3710.


Recreation Camps:  Rec camps for children are regulated by State Regulations, which may be found at:


Please call the District office at 413-549-3710 if you are considering offering a rec camp in the Town.  Application must be made by March 30 of the year you are offering a program.

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